Dr. Selby

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You can use this product with or without a brush. Using the brush, simply wet the tub and work up a full lather and apply on the face. If you want to use it without a brush, just dab a bit on your face with your fingers and use them to work up a froth. You'll get a very consistent lather that doesn't dry out and disappear from your face the way that cheap drugstore products do. 

If you're looking for a pleasant regular grooming ritual rather than a boring chore, Dr. Selby Shaving Cream Products make a great addition to your routine. Tub or Tubes, regular, menthol or sensitive skin, Dr. Selby is for you!

·       Provides a thick, creamy lather and softens your facial hair!     

·       A classic masculine fresh herbal lavender scent with coconut oil to provide a         smooth clean shave!

·       Barbershop worthy! 

Luxury Shaving Lather


No more blisters, fashionistas. If you’ve got spots on your feet that are prone to blisters, you can cover them with a bit of Dr. Selby Curative Diaper OintmentTM for extra protection. Also smart this time of year as your previously-sandaled feet now make their way back into closed-toe boots and shoes. This trick works well even after that tender spot gets calloused over from those fabulous shoes you just can’t stop wearing, despite the blisters

Rough foot treatment: Just rub some of it on your feet before you go to sleep, put on cozy socks, and wake up with soft skin. It’s like a good foot scrubbing without the actual foot scrubbing part.

Protect scrapes, cuts, and burns. Dab a bit over boo-boos, especially when they’re unbandaged. Even your own.

Heal and protect a dry nose ‘Tis the season for tissue balls all over the house and even the lotion ones may not cut it. Plus, they’re limiting; you can’t wipe your face with them. Instead, try regular tissues and add a dab of Dr. Selby Curative Diaper OintmentTM to keep from looking like Rudolph.

Common Uses

Keep home hair dye jobs from getting messy. Dab a bit of Dr. Selby Curative Diaper OintmentTM around your hairline to keep the dye off your face. It’s much gentler than rough scrubbing after the fact. Just wipe, and off it all comes.

Prevent (and soothe) chafing. Of all kinds. Dr. Selby Curative Diaper OintmentTM can help soothe awful thigh burn. Ouch. You can also use it on spots where your bra or waistband has rubbed you the wrong way.

Soften your cuticles. Rub a bit into your cuticles to smooth them, especially during the colder months when they get extra dry. Also use it to keep your nail beds looking healthy in between manicures.

Take care of diaper rash. Dr. Selby Curative Diaper OintmentTM can be used to keep diaper rash ointment on baby’s bum and off the diaper. It can also be helpful for bigger kids who may have irritated skin for various reasons.

The legend of a skin ointment

  ​that heals almost everything  

HERE TO USE DR. SELBY CURATIVE DIAPER RASH OINTMENTTM: Prescribed for use in almost all cases of diaper rash, minor scrapes and surface wounds and minor burns from over exposure to sun. Furthermore, it is excellent to treat eczemas, skin cracks in foot and elbows, chapped nursing nipples, chapped lips and cracks in mouth corners, most surface skin sores, hemorrhoids, athlete's foot, dry skin, bed sores and dishpan hands... consult your physician in case of other uses. 
​Discontinue if condition persists and consult with your physician. For external uses only. Keep away from children