Will be available soon on E-Bay, Amazon and through selected pharmacies, health food stores, and large box stores.


Dr. Selby Shaving Cream



Dr. Selby


A superior-quality shaving cream is a must for men who want a close, comfortable shave.

We are proud to introduce Dr. Selby Shaving Cream  - an amazing cream that will transform your shave into a ritual you will look forward to time and time again!

There are several presentations for Dr. Selby Shaving Cream, including a Lavender Luxury Shaving Cream Tub with fitting lid, and a Large or Small Tube, great for travel and refills, conveniently sized to carry in your travel pouch, and even Specialty Sensitive Skin and Menthol Tubes… Just because you're on the road doesn't mean that you have to forego the comforts of home! 

Dr. Selby Shaving Cream is easy to use and has a masculine and light scent - a combination of coconut oil, glycerin and lavender that never overpowers, but always compliments your natural skin scent. Dr. Selby Shaving Cream also comes in a menthol fragrance and also in a formula for sensitive skin.

You can use this product with or without a brush. Using the brush, simply wet the tub, work-up a full lather and apply on the face. If you want to use it without a brush, just dab a bit on your face with your fingers and work up a froth. You'll get a very consistent lather that doesn't dry out and disappear from your face the way that cheap drugstore products do. 

If you're looking for a pleasant regular grooming ritual rather than a boring chore, Dr. Selby Shaving Cream Products make a great addition to your routine. Tub or Tubes, regular, menthol or sensitive skin, Dr. Selby is for you!

Find it in your favorite Barber shop – and then bring it home